ISSN  2096-3955

CN  10-1502/P

Different earthquake patterns for two neighboring fault segments within the Haiyuan Fault zone
ZhiKun Ren, ZhuQi Zhang, PeiZhen Zhang
2018, 2(1): 67-73. doi: 10.26464/epp2018006
Keywords: Haiyuan Fault, LiDAR, inter-event strain accumulation rates variation, earthquake model
Inertial gravity waves observed by a Doppler wind LiDAR and their possible sources
XiangHui Xue, DongSong Sun, HaiYun Xia, XianKang Dou
2020, 4(5): 461-471. doi: 10.26464/epp2020039
Keywords: gravity waves, lidar, wind observations

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