ISSN  2096-3955

CN  10-1502/P

Evidence supporting New Geophysics
Stuart Crampin, Yuan Gao
2018, 2(3): 173-188. doi: 10.26464/epp2018018
Keywords: earthquakes, eruptions, microcracks, New Geophysics, shear-wave splitting, stress-forecasting
Contemporary crustal tectonic movement in the southern Sichuan-Yunnan block based on dense GPS observation data
HongLin Jin, Yuan Gao, XiaoNing Su, GuangYu Fu
2019, 3(1): 53-61. doi: 10.26464/epp2019006
Keywords: GPS data, crustal horizontal deformation, extension, strike slip, strain rate, fast shear-wave polarization
Crustal thicknesses and Poisson's ratios beneath the Chuxiong-Simao Basin in the Southeast Margin of the Tibetan Plateau
ZiQi Zhang, Yuan Gao
2019, 3(1): 69-84. doi: 10.26464/epp2019008
Keywords: receiver functions, sedimentary layer, southeast margin of the Tibetan Plateau, crustal thickness, Poisson's ratio, Chuxiong-Simao Basin
Gravity pattern in southeast margin of Tibetan Plateau and its implications to tectonics and large earthquakes
Yue Wu, Yuan Gao
2019, 3(5): 425-434. doi: 10.26464/epp2019044
Keywords: southeast margin of Tibetan Plateau, Bouguer gravity anomaly (BA), wavelet transform (WT) and multiscale analysis (MA), focal mechanism of earthquake, gradient zone

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