ISSN  2096-3955

CN  10-1502/P

On the loss mechanisms of radiation belt electron dropouts during the 12 September 2014 geomagnetic storm
Xin Ma, Zheng Xiang, BinBin Ni, Song Fu, Xing Cao, Man Hua, DeYu Guo, YingJie Guo, XuDong Gu, ZeYuan Liu, Qi Zhu
2020, 4(6): 598-610. doi: 10.26464/epp2020060
Keywords: radiation belt electron flux dropouts, geomagnetic storm, electron phase space density, magnetopause shadowing, wave–particle interactions
Distribution of O+ and ${\text{O}}_{\text{2}}^{\text{+}}$ fluxes and their escape rates in the near-Mars magnetotail: A survey of MAVEN observations
HengLe Du, Xing Cao, BinBin Ni, Song Fu, Xin Ma, XiaoTong Yun, MinYi Long, Qiong Luo
doi: 10.26464/epp2023002
Keywords: Martian-induced magnetotail, atmospheric heavy ion outflow, corotating interaction region, escape rate

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