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Research articles are expected to present significant new theories and novel concepts on scientific topics within the scope of the journal, along with their applications. They should include fully developed analyses, results, and discussion. Although there is no limitation of space, usual length is expected to be 9 to 15 published pages. These manuscripts are handled by the associate editors of the journal. 

Reviews are invited or submitted papers that review and synthesize recent advances on a given topic. Recommended length is 10-15 published pages excluding references and supporting materials; for invited reviews, the length may occasionally be extended. 

Perspectives are shorter reviews and analyses of current research developments. Typical length is 5 published pages. 

Letters are communications-length articles on major scientific advances in all major geoscience and planetary sciences disciplines. 

Editorials are written by editors of the journal. Comments may be on the journal’s guidelines and contents, on scientific developments, and so on. The length is limited to 1 published page of about 900 words. 

Technical Reports: Data papers describe important Earth, space and planetary science data sets and observations, including those supporting innovative research and theoretical developments published elsewhere. Methods papers describe new analytical or experimental methods and other technical advances. Technical reports should be about 5 published pages. 

Comments are brief submissions that elaborate, criticize, or correct papers previously published in this journal. Comments are limited to 5 published pages. 

Replies are written by the authors of the paper being commented on. Replies are limited to about 5 published pages. 

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