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Peer Review

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The primary criteria for judging the acceptability of a manuscript are its quality, novelty, and scientific importance. However, editorial decisions are based not just on the technical merits of the work, but also on factors such as policy and regulation, presentation of the material, and relevance to the journal’s general readership.

At the discretion of the Editors, a manuscript may be rapidly rejected, without external peer review, if it had academic dishonourable behaviors, such as plagiarism, practicing fraud and so on, or it is deemed uncompetitive or outside the scope of the journal. All manuscripts are judged in relation to other submissions currently under consideration.

Manuscripts that have passed initial screening by the Editors are reviewed by members of the Editorial Board and/or other experts in the field. The Associate Editors select reviewers and make the preliminary decision on the manuscript. Then the Editor-in-Chief give final decision. We adopt the double-blind principle when the manuscripts enter into the peer review process. Authors may suggest peer reviewer, or a specific individuals not be involved in review process, but the editorial board retains the final decision for choosing a peer reviewers. Every manuscript is treated by the Editors and reviewers as privileged information, and they are instructed to exclude themselves from review of any manuscript that may involve a conflict of interest or the appearance of such.

Rebuttals to rejected manuscripts are strongly discouraged, and requests for resubmission of rejected manuscripts are generally not granted without significant demonstration of errors in the review or decision process. The majority of articles are rejected on grounds of insufficient priority, data quality or technical issues are also the reason for rejection. 

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