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ISSN  2096-3955

CN  10-1502/P

Citation: Li, Z., Lu, Q. M., Wang, R. S., Gao, X. L., and Chen, H. Y. (2019). In situ evidence of resonant interactions between energetic electrons and whistler waves in magnetopause reconnection. Earth Planet. Phys., 3(6), 467–473..

2019, 3(6): 467-473. doi: 10.26464/epp2019048


In situ evidence of resonant interactions between energetic electrons and whistler waves in magnetopause reconnection


Chinese Academy Sciences Key Laboratory of Geospace Environment, Department of Geophysics and Planetary Science, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei 230026, China


Chinese Academy Sciences Center for Excellence in Comparative Planetology, Hefei 230026, China

Corresponding author: QuanMing Lu,

Received Date: 2019-01-28
Web Publishing Date: 2019-09-12

In this paper, we analyze one reconnection event observed by the Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) mission at the earth’s magnetopause. In this event, the spacecraft crossed the reconnection current sheet from the magnetospheric side to the magnetosheath side, and whistler waves were observed on both the magnetospheric and magnetosheath sides. On the magnetospheric side, the whistler waves propagated quasi-parallel to the magnetic field and toward the X-line, while on the magnetosheath side they propagated almost anti-parallel to the magnetic field and away from the X-line. Associated with the enhancement of the whistler waves, we find that the fluxes of energetic electrons are concentrated around the pitch angle 90° when their energies are higher than the minimum energy that is necessary for the resonant interactions between the energetic electrons and whistler waves. This observation provides in situ observational evidence of resonant interactions between energetic electrons and whistler waves in the magnetic reconnection.

Key words: magnetic reconnection, whistler waves, magnetosphere, energetic electrons

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In situ evidence of resonant interactions between energetic electrons and whistler waves in magnetopause reconnection

Zhi Li, QuanMing Lu, RongSheng Wang, XinLiang Gao, HuaYue Chen